Why You Should Reconsider Signing With a Large Painting Contractor

The large "corporate" painting contractors that are emerging as forces in the contracting world are very enticing options when looking for a painting contractor. There are pros and cons of dealing with large painting companies. Some of the pros are that they are typically very conscious and abide by EPA regulations dealing with lead paint, they have easy and convenient systems in place for payment and problem resolution.

Cons with large painting contractors are that they lose quality control of their operations. Almost without exception these large companies are overbooking and subcontracting their work. Most of the time they will hire almost any contractor who will walk through the door. Bottom line is, they need the work done no matter the cost. There are many problems with this concept, one being, it is too easy to make a paint job look good, collect the check and leave. Subcontractors have very little incentive to ensure long term viability of the paint jobs for general contractors.

The smaller, local contractors who have great reputations, high online ratings, are fully insured and use high quality products can provide a much more customized and personal experience. Also, economies of scale absolutely do not apply in the contracting world. General contractors charge 25 to 50 percent more than small painting contractors. The reason they charge so much more is because they are paying out 50% of the total job price to contractors in trade for being hands free from the work.

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