Industry Satisfaction Rating (Things to look out for)

In the home improvement world, there are tons of bad contractors out there. The overall industry satisfaction rating for home improvement contractors is 55%. Here are some good tips for finding the right interior or exterior painting contractor:

1. Must have General Liability and Workers' Comp
2. Must be Licensed
3. Look for contractors who are approved by organizations like NARI, BBB and others
4. Choose a contractor who has a good sales process, this shows they actually care about communication with customers
5. Choose the contractor who pays attention to detail and writes in all of the prep work, areas, and services included in a contract

Stay away from contractors who:

1. Drop off estimates in your mailbox
2. Don't care about your needs
3. Don't take notes and details about what you talked about in an estimate
4. Don't have the above mentioned details for finding the right contractor
5. Don't use good products